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Director of External Affairs

Role and Responsibilities

The Director of External Affairs will have delegated responsibility for the external affairs of the School, will provide strategic communications leadership, and will play a central strategic role at the policy level in developing strategies for domestic, EU, and international recruitment at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

In addition to interacting with the Head of School and the School Executive, the Director will work with heads of department and individual staff members.  Where there are significant resource implications, final responsibility must lie with the Head of School.  None the less, most operational decision-making will be delegated to the Director, and he/she will in turn delegate functions to heads of department or administrative or academic staff members with assigned responsibilities in the area.

Recognising the fundamental contributions the School makes at a local, national, and international level, the role seeks to foster excellent external relations.  Broadly, three main areas of responsibility are identified for the Director of External Affairs:

  • Strategic marketing and communications leadership.
  • Development of overall policy with regard to recruitment of undergraduate and postgraduate students within the EU and internationally
  • Coordination of alumni relations, in collaboration with Heads of Department

Strategic Marketing and Communications Leadership

  1. To develop strategies to ensure that the School’s teaching, research and outreach activities are presented effectively to the public.
  2. The development of online and social media strategies to promote the School and its objectives.
  3. To advise on messaging, branding, and the use of visual identities.
  4. To assist colleagues on the presentation and delivery of key messages in multiple formats.
  5. To liaise with the Director of Public Affairs and Communications for the University on external events that relate to the School and its areas (for example, anniversaries, commemorations etc.).

    Development of Recruitment Policy

  6. To work with the Student Recruitment Officer and the Director of Marketing to develop strategies for Irish and EU recruitment at undergraduate and postgraduate level, identifying targets and policies to help achieve them.
  7. To work with individual Departments (and academic units) to develop strategies for international recruitment, identifying areas for growth in undergraduate courses, taught postgraduate courses, and postgraduate courses by research.
  8. To work with Global Relations in determining how best to achieve College’s strategic goals within the School, and to bring proposals back to the School Executive for implementation by the individual units.
  9. To advise heads of department on the School’s external presentation at national and international recruitment fairs.

    Alumni Relations

  10. To advise the Executive Officer who is responsible for administration of the Gradlink Programme.
  11. To advise Heads of Department on developing and furthering the School’s relations with alumni.


The Director of External Affairs will be nominated for appointment by, and will report to, the Head of School.  The term of appointment will normally be two years, renewable for a further two, and commencing on the day following the end of Hilary Semester of the relevant year.   The Director will be a full-time member of the academic staff of the School and will be appointed from among those on the Associate Professor (new titles) grade or above.  Candidates above the merit bar on the Assistant Professor scale will be considered in exceptional circumstances. The work of the Director will be supported by a part-time (50%) Senior Executive Officer.

The Director will be an ex-officio member of the School Executive.

Last updated 14 October 2015 (Email).