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Postdoctoral Researchers in the School of Histories and Humanities

Name Project Email

Verity Burke

Still Lives: Organic and Digital Animals in the Natural History Museum

Joe Curran

An Urban History of Dublin Castle c. 1801-1880

Deirdre Foley

The (in)visibility of paid labour: Women’s working lives in Ireland, c. 1965-1990

Peter Hodson

Manufacturing memory: work, gender and deindustrialisation in Northern Ireland light industry

Charlie Kerrigan

Latin Outreach Project

Alexandra Madeła

The Orphic Argonautica: Writing Pre-Homeric Poetry in Late Antiquity

Francesco Ripanti

Linking Community Archaeology and Wellbeing in the Mediterranean – LOGGIA

Cordula Scherer

Norfish - The North Atlantic Fish Revolution: An Environmental History of the North Atlantic 1400 - 1700

Charlie Taverner

Food Culture and Identity in Early Modern Ireland